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"We absolutely guarantee that you will be THRILLED (not just 'satisfied') with your photographs.
If you aren't THRILLED, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are thrilled, or,
we will give you all your money back. No hassles and no hard feelings either.
We want you to LOVE your portraits, or we don't deserve your money. It's as simple as that."



Business Portrait Price List

Introducing First Class Concierge business portrait sessions!


Additional Image Enhancement Levels & Creative Services





Makeup Artist - $150



Level One Image Enhancement - $95

• Use Levels to adjust contrast

• Hue to adjust color saturation

• Use curves to adjust warmer or color application

• Make final lightness and darkness for specific area using blend mode

• Remove stray hair from places it’s not wanted like forehead or cheeks

• Attend to anything in the background that needs adjustment or fixing



Level Two Image Enhancement - $150

Includes all of Level One PLUS…

• Adjust teeth color

• Adjust teeth brightness

• Fix chipped teeth

• Fix teeth stains and bad gums

• Fix red veins in eye whites

• Lighten eye whites

• Lighten iris

• Fix catch-light in eye to look natural sometimes add them or remove them depending Soften lines and wrinkles

• Remove blemishes

• Lighten dark circles under eyes

• Open up smaller eye or squinting eye

• Widen eyes

• Slim face when necessary including double chins and turkey neck

• Adjust face structure to be more symmetrical including broadening or narrowing jaw, eyes, and nose

• Smooth skin and balance skin tones but keep it natural

• Remove lint and spots from garment

• Remove reflection from glasses

• Shrink or flatten big ears

• Tone down shiny foreheads and noses

• Fill in gap between shirt and tie not on some

• Shrink arms, bellies, hips, thighs, and stretch torso as needed



Level Three Image Enhancement - $300

Includes everything in Level One & Level Two PLUS

• Custom sharpening specific areas to enhance hair and eye texture to make the pop.

• Assign color profile determined by final usage

• Convert files to 8bit

• Save work files so they can be adjusted later if the need arises

• Crop image to specs.

• Render file as 8bit peg sat 300 psi for print

• Render the second file a 72 psi file with srgb profile for web



Brand Portrait Design Session - $500

Designed to completely plan your upcoming portrait session, this service details every
aspect of the “Brand” you wish to convey with your images. Master Photographic Artist,
George DeLoache, will work one on one with you to plan critical branding elements
such as expression, clothing type, posing for effect, color harmony and set options.
This planning meeting is what will make the difference between “average” business
head shots and Branded Portraits that will set you and your business or service apart!




Business Portrait Session Options



Social Media Session - $195

* Plan on spending 15 minutes at the studio

* You'll have multiple images to select from immediately following your session

* Bring a flash drive, you can leave with your image file

* Your session includes one social media image file optimized for YOUR social media needs

Prepaid only - no refund for missed or rescheduled sessions

Image enhancement is available as an option for an additional cost

Limited - Subject to availability


Standard Business Session - $350

* Plan on spending about 30 minutes at the studio.  Relax and we’ll work with you to create your perfect image. 

* There are NO limitations on the number of exposures we’ll create to give you 5-10 amazing images to select from.  Our only concern is your satisfaction.

* You will select one digital image to be prepared in either the print or internet selection. 

* Your digital image file will receive basic enhancement consisting of cropping and resizing to meet your requirements

* You’ll receive a Certificate Of Unlimited Use for your files


Preferred Business Session - $550

* Your session includes a pre-portrait planning call

* Plan on spending up to 60 minutes at the studio

* You'll have two different “looks” during your session

* There are NO limitations on the number of exposures we'll create to give you up to 20 amazing images to select from.  Our only concern is your satisfaction.

* You will select one pose from each look and receive both the internet AND print selection of each.

* Your images will include Level Two Enhancement

* You'll receive a Certificate of Unlimited Use for your files

* A professional hair & make-up artist will be available for an additional $150


Executive Branding Session - $1500

* You’ll start with a Pre-session consultation to discuss your expectation and needs

* To completely capture your vision, plan on being with us for up to three hours

* A professional hair & make-up artist is included with your session

* Feel free to bring an assortment of clothing changes for different looks

* You’ll have up to 35 images to select from

* You will select four different poses and receive a digital file from each look.

* The images you select will receive Level Three Enhancement

* You’ll receive a Certificate Of Unlimited Use for your files