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You Are Your Brand – What message Are You Communicating?

We were sitting in the studio discussing the plans for an upcoming executive portrait session. When Jim leaned in and said, “George, I have to find a way to bring in more clients.  There are so many lawyers in this town, how do I stand out?” According to the State Bar of California, there are nearly 200,000 practicing lawyers in Los Angeles County alone. A quick Google search for “Lawyer” in Los Angeles, returns a whopping 63 million hits. “I

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3 Essential Tips That Will Make Your Visual Branding Appealing! reports that according to the Social Science Research Network at least 65% of all human beings are visual learners. People process information visually. There is a 4.4 times greater likelihood of having your promotion go viral if the text is accompanied by a well-crafted visual. This same principle holds true whether you are promoting yourself a product or services. Good photography makes for good branding and marketing. Inferior imagery can sabotage even the best branding and marketing efforts. A

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What’s the difference between a marching band member and a Photographer?

After a great deal of preparation, it is thrilling and exciting to launch this blog. “By George!” marks a personal milestone in the quest for what has been my lifelong passion The Chinese philosopher Confucius, is credited with saying; “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” The life I live is confirmation of the wisdom of Confucius. Even as a young boy growing up in Columbus Ohio, photographing people became

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