What’s the difference between a marching band member and a Photographer?

After a great deal of preparation, it is thrilling and exciting to launch this blog. “By George!” marks a personal milestone in the quest for what has been my lifelong passion The Chinese philosopher Confucius, is credited with saying;

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

The life I live is confirmation of the wisdom of Confucius. Even as a young boy growing up in Columbus Ohio, photographing people became my passion. Years later, this love has only intensified. Today, I am in L.A. living the dream. From the very first time I looked through a viewfinder, people’s faces fascinated me, and I became intrigued by the lives they lived. I loved hearing the stories of their lives, their goals, and dreams. As I listened to them, I could envision photographs that would help them share their stories and achieve their dreams.

Marching Band Member Turns Photographer

It was during high school that I became convinced this was to be my life’s work. Some of my fellow marching band members were forming a musical group and knowing that I loved to take photographs ask me to help create photos to promote their new group.

I spent countless hours planning that photograph. I listened to their music over and over until a concept gelled. That photograph had to convey not only the music but the personality of the group and each of its members. That photograph had to make you want to listen to their music and be so exciting that you would pay to hear them.

Over the years, I have worked with a broad range of clients to create photographs that helped them promote themselves, their products, and their services. Lawyer, corporate executives, authors, musicians, doctors, wealth management and healthcare, are only a small cross-section of the varieties of clients that my studio has assisted in meeting their branding and marketing goals. Even though many years have passed since my first high school experience, I continue to be equally thrilled each time we begin working with a person or business to help them develop their brand identity or market their products and services.

My Commitment to Brand Imagery as Visual Content

Brand imagery, promotional portraiture, personal brand identity, photography in support of content marketing are all contemporary definitions of the same process. I have dedicated my career to that process and now am taking the next step of building a blog to share the nuts and bolts of the process.

A well-crafted portrait, thematically designed to evoke an emotional response, convey a message, and communicate a sense of your personality to a client can be the best way to gain attention, break out of the pack and reinforce your abilities and values. It can help you stand out in a sea of cookie-cutter commonness. Your photograph is the one thing that cannot be duplicated by your competition. Here you will find ways to make that unique advantage work for you.

We will discuss the latest trends, some old-school techniques and cutting-edge branding and marketing tips that focus on using photography to promote and build brand identity. If there is one thing that I know, I know it’s how to create photographic images that hit the mark.

Here’s Where By George! is Headed

In building this blog, my purpose is to make “By George!” not only a place where I can share my forty years of experience but to provide a forum for guest experts to share their knowledge as it relates to the use of photography in branding and marketing. I have planned this to be a nexus of ideas and experience. In addition, you will find curated articles that have been sourced from across the web which will be of interest to anyone seeking reliable information on these subjects.

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