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Corporate Event Photography
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Our studios are located in the historic Downtown Los Angeles Art District at 915 Mateo St. We work with businesses, corporations, Law firms, Advertising, Design agencies, publications, and individuals promoting themselves, a services or a product. We have served the greater Los Angeles business and corporate community for 30 years, producing executive portraits, business headshots, corporate headshots, and portraits for editorial and advertising purposes.

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Let's Put the Face on Your Marketing

Building a Brand is all about connecting

Sometimes as business people we can get so focused on the forest that we miss the trees. We forget that we are walking billboard for our companies and that our portraits are often one of the first lines of introduction to our target market. Your portrait or headshot has to convey an image that will generate a response, email, phone call or direct purchase, from your customer base. It is a core part of your branding.

It is said that a poor first impression takes thirty additional attempts to repair.

Here's why. Imagine that you're racing for a taxi, waiting for a latte at Starbucks or pacing outside a courtroom preparing for your next deposition. Someone catches your eye. You didn't intend it but, all of a sudden, you have an exchange with a human being that you will see only once in this lifetime. Immediately, your subconscious kicks into overdrive. "She looks kind," you think. Or "Good God. What fool let that ax murderer out of jail?"

The longer you look, the stronger that internal voice speaks. "I wonder if she would go out with me." Or "Does pepper spray have an expiration date?" Funny thing. That stranger you are staring at? The one you are making those assessments about? He or she is having some of those same thoughts and emotions about you. We just can't help ourselves. As human beings we make assessments based upon what we see.

When we make eye contact with someone else, even for a fraction of a second, we make thousands of judgments and evaluations about them based upon that eye contact. Some are good; others you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.

The same thing happens with a headshot or portrait.

For that reason, before you get your portrait taken, consider the demographics of your target market. What are their age, income, gender, ethnicity and geographic location? What are they looking for? What feeling or impression do you want them to experience from your website? What will make them pick up the phone and call?

In a culture drowning in a sea of information, branding yourself to your target audience makes all the difference.

That is why your portrait must convey the right message, not about your company, but about you.

If you are running for public office, you have to look commanding, someone not easily blown over by impossible obstacles.

If you deal with corporate acquisitions and mergers, you are someone who negotiates in the shark tank. So when your competitors look you up on the Internet, you want them to see your portrait and say, "That dude looks pretty sharp."

If you are a investment company, you have to remember that too many fast-talking, slick dealers in plaid jackets have sullied your world. You want to move away from the used car salesman look to an image that conveys trust, integrity, kindness and competence.

Even though a portrait is a two-dimensional, non-living thing, when we look into your face, we feel as though we are making eye contact. With that eye contact, we make a cascade of assumptions, opinions and decisions about you.

Understanding this core human dynamics essential when hiring a portrait photographer. You have to work with someone with the ability, experience and know-how to capture your image in a way that will convey the message you want to send about yourself.

"I am intelligent." (I won't make your problem worse.)

"I am full of integrity". (Bernie Madoff and I are completely unrelated.)

"Trust me." (If the money in the bank were mine, I would lend it to you today.)

"I am a shark eater". (I will eat your competition for lunch.)

Bottom line, it doesn't matter if you are, as my dad used to say, "plain as a mud fence." The only thing that is important is working with a photographer who will create with you a portrait that conveys the core message about you.

Accomplish that and you are at a higher end of portraiture!

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We Are Going to Create This Thing Together

Just last week I got a call from a very nice professional who, like many of my clients, needed a portrait done for her company's website. Unfortunately, her reluctance was off the charts. She was extremely nervous at the prospect of having her picture taken and who could blame her? Truth be told, most human beings feel buck naked in front of camera. Not all the long ago, some primitive people groups believed that photographers were stealing souls. I am not so sure they were wrong.

So, I tried a little humor to calm her down a bit. "So, it sounds like you would rather have a root canal?"

She chuckled. Which was a good sign.

"George, from the earliest that I can remember, I hated having my photograph taken. You see, my dad was a photographer."


"And he was constantly taking pictures of me!"

"Guilty as charged. I have been photographing my own daughter when she was still in the womb."

"I look at those shots he took. Agh. I hate them. I am just not photogenic."

"Now, just hold the presses there, madam."

"Can I tell you something? You and my daughter, who is now thirty-one years old, have an awful lot in common. The last time I tried to take her picture she stuck her finger right up her nose at me. My daughter is so sick and tired me sticking a camera in her face that she has even banned my cameras from her house."

"Smart girl," she laughed this time. We were getting somewhere now."

"I know it's easy for me to say but I do understand how you feel. But when I work with my clients, we are in this soup together. You won't have to worry about the clock. We will take as many shots as we need. There won't be any pressure or posing stuff you see in the Hollywood movies or some magazine. Every shot will go into the computer. So you can forget about blotchy skin, double-chins and even crooked noses."

"How about root canals?"

"Well, you are going to have to see my sister, the dentist, for that. I know I have her card around here somewhere. Let me see."

"O.K," she said, taking a deep breath, meaning it. "O.K."

What she would soon discover is that I know what I am talking about. Over the past forty years, I have taken over 20,000 portraits, which is not too bad for a guy who has seen the heights of celebrity fame and the lows of dog-dirty, Skid Row sidewalks. Throughout these years of seeking to be the best in my field, I have learned what great portrait photographers, like Gordon Parks, Yosef Karsh and George Hurrell, knew very well.

And it is this.

To achieve great portraits takes more than talent and life experience. You have to also understand the underlying dynamics of human nature and the vulnerability inherent in portraiture. Knowing how human beings think and feel, Parks, Karsh and Hurrell became masters in their craft, because, above all their natural gifts and technical skills, they also had the ability to make their subjects laugh, feel safe and take down the masks that we all hide behind.

So it is with me.

I am a creative artist who works with his clients to create a timeless image of their beauty, dignity, personality and unique selves. Does not matter if the shot is for the web, some brochure or headshot, I guarantee that the process will be what I have promised -- warm, friendly, without pressure and even enjoyable.

Such is the joy of my life. Few things come close to hearing the words, "George, I have never had a good picture taken of myself until now."

Accomplish that and you are at a higher end of portraiture. You have found a photographer --and a friend -- into whose hands you can entrust yourself.

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The internet has forever changed the way business is done

With out a doubt the internet has permanently changed the way we do business. Its now a simple task, for prospective clients, to instantaneously search for information concerning any conceivable services or product. The old practice of reaching people through yellow page advertising, newspapers, magazines and to a great degree direct mail has gone the way of the payphone.

From PCs and laptops to smart phones your clients first choice for information is the internet. Your website has become the first point of contact with those seeking products or services. With only seconds to grab their attention and begin to establish confidence in your products and services a finely crafted business portrait goes a long way in introducing you and helping you begin to build a foundation of trust.

As one of LA leading business, corporate, and executive portrait photography experts we bring over twenty five years of experience serving the law and attorney, business and corporate community to create executive headshots and business and corporate portraits that help our clients reach their clients


Your convenience is our primary concern.

We would like to suggest two options that will make getting your work completed quick and easy. The most economical option is to stop by our studios, located in Dowentown LA, where you can quickly get your portrait session completed and be on your way. If you are considering one person or your entire staff, session times can be scheduled that will make it simple to complete the project.

The second option takes into consideration your time and convenience, maximizing productivity by allowing you to remain on the job with as brief an interruption in you work schedule as possible. We come equipped with full studio location capabilities, allowing us to set up a completely functioning professional portrait studio in a boardroom or foyer and photograph the entire staff in short order, with the least amount of interruption to your workday. You choose what will best suit your needs. We are here to ensure a great experience.

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Corporate Pirtraits and headshots
black and white fine art portraiture portraits corporate executive portrait

Business Portrait Photography

You have arrived at this web page because you are seeking a quality professional portrait photographer or you are an admirer of portraiture as an art form. I would like to offer my personal greetings and invite you to take a look around. If you are in search of a corporate headshot, business head shot or portrait or executive head shot you will find gallery that is devoted to portraits that are tailored for executives, lawyers, business and corporate use of real business and corporate clients, some young and some seasoned. After looking around give us a call and let's chat about your project. There's absolutely no obligation we are happy to spend some time to assure you get all the information you need in order to secure an excellent portrait that gets the job done. I can almost always be reached at (818) 749-9374


Fine Art Portraits & Family Portraits

Black & White and Color Portraiture

Business may not be the reason you are searching for aprofessional portrait artist, you may be seeking someone to create for you a unique fine art portrait of you or your family. As you look over the galleries of both color and black and white fine art portraiture you can be confident that we have years of experience in capturing the beauty and dignity of the people that have grown to trust us to produce an image that is unique and of the highest quality. Having you portrait created can sometimes be a bit unnerving but you can rest assured that we will never rush or limit the time it takes to provide a comfortable and fun experience.



Corporate Headshots

There are certain specific characteristics that make this type of portrait unique. A good Business executiive or corporate portrait is designed to connect with your customers. It has been said a picture is worth a thousand words and a great head shot is able to reach beyond the printed work and connect with your customer in a way that says, I am a reliable professional and you can trust me. Be it in the studio or on location at your company or office we assure you we understand the constraints of the business world and try to be effective, efficient and brief. Why don't you just shoot us off an email let us know when it is the best time to chat about you needs. Email:


In addition to corporate, and executive headshots and portraits, as well as, fine art personal and family portraits we have over 25 years of experience serving the lawyers and attorneys, entertainment community with publicity shots and actor headshots. It makes little difference whether you are at the beginning of your acting career or you are a seasoned professional the headshot is your most important calling card. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of the casting director. You have spent untold hour honing your craft as an actor but unless you are called into audition for the part no one will know just how talented you are. It is your headshot that triggers the casting process.
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